Friday, July 28, 2006

Heads Up



mdotstrange said...

Its a cool style you've developed wiF the wacom action... Tite*

Sophorn said...

howdy! Ricardo,
How are things? Any upcoming art shows? Let me know.
As for my animation, it was a flop. My fault for flaking off on it and I wasn't too keen about the story. I should have kept to my original idea. It was short and simple. But i had some fun animating it. Ah well, next time.
Sophorn Sin

Sophorn said...

Crazy stuff Rico!

Sophorn said...

Yup, it's a spine and random bones I put together to smoe-what make the letter "T". Its a logo for a friends band, Suffer Tree. I can't wait to color it, but I'm trying to get a hold of a wacom tablet. If not, I'll do it the old fashion way. Its probably better for me any way.
Cool, good luck on the galleries.
Yup, I'll be in Bfa. I hope I could, I want to cater the work in bfa for a tV type animation portfolio. I'll make the best of it.