Monday, November 13, 2006

Ice Water Veins

Match in the gas tank, boom boom! -R.

(Edit: Apparently my harddrive had a mild heart attack. I took it to the apple store to get it checked out. The diagnostic report stated all the hardware was in working order. So there is no need to replace the harddrive.)


Alan said...

^good stuffs --- thats too bad about the powerbook. can apple replace it or no? remember to make backups.

MiTSY said...

this is bad ass, donkey. I like it.

Ricardo said...

According to the apple store, I didnt activate my apple care plan, but even if it was activated, i think it would have been expired or close to it. It's been like 3 years already. So to have it fixed i would have to pay out of pocket. Although the rep did tell me i can activate apple care on a future purchase.
I just purchased an external harddrive and started to back up my files. So if the harddrive really croaks, i wont be in a world of hurt.

Martin Kau said...

NICE :0) freaken dig this. I'm still workin at Ligthsource, which is goin really well. Still sendin out folios though and seeing what else can happen. I'll let you know if anything comes up.